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up·roar·i·ous  (p-rôr-s, -rr-)
1. Causing or accompanied by an uproar: an uproarious New Year's party.
2. Loud and full; boisterous: uproarious laughter.
3. Causing hearty laughter; hilarious: uproarious tales.

up·roari·ous·ly adv.
up·roari·ous·ness n.

uproarious (ʌpˈrɔːrɪəs)
1. causing or characterized by an uproar; tumultuous
2. extremely funny; hilarious
3. (of laughter) loud and boisterous
upˈroariously adv upˈroariousness n
up•roar•i•ous (ʌpˈrɔr i əs, -ˈroʊr-)

1. characterized by or in a state of uproar; tumultuous.
2. making an uproar; confused and noisy.
3. very funny, as a person or situation.
4. very loud, as sounds or utterances.
5. expressed by or producing uproar.
up•roar′i•ous•ly, adv.
up•roar′i•ous•ness, n.
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Adj.1.uproarious - uncontrollably noisyuproarious - uncontrollably noisy                
noisy - full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds; "a noisy cafeteria"; "a small noisy dog"
2.uproarious - marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughteruproarious - marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter; "hilarious broad comedy"; "a screaming farce"; "uproarious stories"
humorous, humourous - full of or characterized by humor; "humorous stories"; "humorous cartoons"; "in a humorous vein"

1. riotous, wild, rowdy, disorderly, loud, noisy, turbulent, boisterous, tumultuous, unrestrained, tempestuous, rollicking, gleeful, clamorous He had spent several uproarious evenings at the Embassy Club.
riotous quiet, peaceful, orderly, low-key, inaudible
2. hilarious, hysterical, very funny, side-splitting, killing (informal), rip-roaring (informal), convulsive (informal), rib-tickling, screamingly funny regaling the family with uproarious imitations of the local dialect
hilarious serious, sad, tragic, mournful, morose, sorrowful
uproarious [ʌpˈrɔːrɪəs] ADJ
1. (= noisy) [laughter] → escandaloso; [meeting] → alborotado, ruidoso; [success] → clamoroso
2. (= hilarious) [occasion] → divertidísimo; [comedy] → desternillante; [personality] → divertidísimo
uproarious [ʌpˈrɔːriəs] adj
[event, evening] → désopilant(e)
uproarious laughter → rire tonitruant
adj meetingtumultartig; crowdlärmend; laughterbrüllend; success, welcomeüberwältigend, spektakulär; personalityüberschäumend; (= very funny) jokewahnsinnig komisch, zum Schreien pred; in uproarious spiritsin überschäumender Stimmung
uproarious [ʌpˈrɔːrɪəs] adj (group, meeting) → chiassoso/a; (laughter) → fragoroso/a; (welcome) → entusiastico/a; (very funny, joke, mistake) → esilarante

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Was this one of those jokes which used to reduce him to uproarious laughter, when his eyes would disappear and he was all gaping mouth and wagging beard, supremely indifferent to the gravity of all around him?
At first our laughter was half-hearted, tinged with fear, but as we became convinced of his impotence we waxed uproarious.
This laughter was uproarious and scornful, and at the same time the god pointed his finger derisively at White Fang.
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