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The rush of water from a breaking wave onto a beach. Also called swash.


an upward rush, as of consciousness



1. an upward rush, as of water or air.
2. an abrupt increase.
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Similarly, modern research and theorization on hallucinations (Bentall, 2000), hypnosis (Fromm & Nash, 1992), and creativity (Sternberg, 1999), for example, do not depend for the most part on the concepts of sensory automatisms, suggestions on the subliminal self, or subliminal uprushes.
Again, mania, with its flight of ideas, its uprushes of overly optimistic elation, and its often pleasant but unpremeditated delusions, such as delusions of grandeur, could be said to be a result of excessive transliminality allowing subliminal material--especially positive affect but also ideation--into the conscious, sometimes worked into a story by the choregos function.