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tr.v. up·set, up·set·ting, up·sets
1. To cause to overturn; knock or tip over: upset the flowerpot.
a. To disturb the functioning, order, or course of: Protesters upset the meeting by chanting and shouting. See Synonyms at overthrow.
b. To cause (the stomach) to feel ill.
3. To distress or perturb mentally or emotionally: The bad news upset me.
4. (ŭp′sĕt′) To defeat unexpectedly (an opponent favored to win).
5. To make (a heated metal bolt, for example) shorter and thicker by hammering on the end.
n. (ŭp′sĕt′)
1. The act of upsetting or the condition of being upset: the upset of the vase.
a. A disturbance, disorder, or state of agitation: an upset of my routine.
b. A condition of indigestion: a remedy for stomach upset.
3. A game, contest, or election in which the favorite is defeated.
a. A tool used for upsetting; a swage.
b. An upset part or piece.
1. Having been overturned: an upset vase.
2. Exhibiting signs and symptoms of indigestion: an upset stomach.
3. In a state of emotional or mental distress; distraught: upset parents.

[Middle English upsetten, to set up : up-, up- + setten, to set; see set1.]

up·set′ter n.
up·set′ting·ly adv.
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Noun1.upsetter - an unexpected winner; someone who defeats the favorite competitor
winner, victor - the contestant who wins the contest
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Rainford Hugh Perry, aka The Upsetter but universally tagged as Lee 'Scratch' Perry, can comfortably claim to be one of the true architects of reggae but more specifically the creator of dub.
LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY A true living legend, there's nobody quite like The Upsetter.
The Upsetter is 6-5 to make it three knockouts on the spin, but there is a clear blueprint to beating him and if Matty Askin gets his tactics right he could cause an upset of his own.
The vocals sound uncannily similar to Space Oddity Bowie on strong opener The Upsetter, while Month Of Sundays also has the feel of that era.
Thus to interpret man's work (as a laborer, literary critic, engineer, or whatever) as radically and organically connected with what man is and a whole entity (despite the fact that his consciousness cannot recognize or accept the connection) is the common and revolutionary point of departure both for the interpreter as interpreter and, as Lukacs tried also to show, the proletariat as reinterpreter and upsetter of bourgeois reification.
King Tubbu meets the Upsetter at the grass roots of dub: Some thoughts on the early history and influence of dub reggae.
27) The Great Sacrifice constituted, then, a new "discharge" of energy, an act intended to thwart entropy and frustrate the Devil, architect of entropy, the "thrower of things off the track, upsetter, mischiefmaker," who "clashing one with another brought in the law of decay and comsumption.
The circumstances of that amazing win elevated Fleck beyond the run-of-the-mill upsetter.
Margaret, the supposed upsetter of domestic propriety, left "[pounds sterling] 10 to the Dean [of] .
This arrangement of scenes offers an ironic commentary on Harry's status as interloper and upsetter of the status quo, for his transgressive, disruptive influence is juxtaposed with the Christ of Matthew 10:34-35, who threatens to turn family members against one another.
The Spirit is fire and flame, a restless wind, a turbulent sea, an upsetter, a supplanter.
Upset forging differs from the impact process typical for hammer forging and has advantages over the conventional press-forging process in that split gripping dies allow the upsetter to forge unusually long shaft lengths.