intr.v. up·shift·ed, up·shift·ing, up·shifts
To shift a motor vehicle into a higher gear.

up′shift′ n.


vb (tr)
(of vehicles) to move up a gear


to shift (an automotive transmission or vehicle) into a higher gear.
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In October, Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, told the Guardian 20 plots had been thwarted in the last four years, and that there had been " a dramatic upshift in the threat" from fundamentalist terrorism.
The veteran intelligence officer added: "We have seen a dramatic upshift in terror threats that are higher than at any other time in my 34-year career.
Parker said the UK had seen "a dramatic upshift in the threat" from Islamist terrorism this year, mirroring attacks that have taken occurred in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.
We "We have seen a dramatic upshift in terror threats, higher than at any seen upshift time in my 34-year career.
In [18], a shaft torque observer has been used to determine the optimal gear upshift points where the torque interruption time is short and the shift jerk is small.
That Real surged so emphatically after the break was down solely to the Spanish team's dramatic gear upshift.
Danloy notes: "What's different and unique with our lock-up clutch is the lock-to-lock shifting capability that keeps the lock up engaged when you upshift for smooth, fast and efficient operation.
During an upshift, the rotational inertia of the engine, torque converter and other components connected to the transmission input shaft must be decelerated to match the angular velocity of the new gear ratio.
For example, Figure 6 shows the use of the engine brake during upshift events requested by the AMT.
Gear shift strategy comprises of gear shift lines for upshift and downshift of transmission gear.
Because when you upshift you get thrown back into your seat -- something that makes you feel like a child with a new toy.
De Mistura said that the government delegation had been extremely focused on principles that would precede the talks, and he now hopes to upshift into substantive talks toward political transition.