intr.v. up·shift·ed, up·shift·ing, up·shifts
To shift a motor vehicle into a higher gear.

up′shift′ n.


vb (tr)
(of vehicles) to move up a gear


to shift (an automotive transmission or vehicle) into a higher gear.
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That's despite the provision of an active 'ECO' switch that, when activated, causes the transmission to upshift as early as possible and promotes a more economical driving style by delivering a softer accelerator response.
The technology is able to alter the transmission's shift patterns, causing it to upshift sooner, downshift later (when drivers are looking for mid-range acceleration) and stay in a higher gear when slowing down.
Dough and baking operations should always consider an engineered flour-chilling system when facing a major upshift in demand or planning an expansion, or whenever specifying a new silo or dry-ingredient pneumatic conveyor system.
For more demanding jobsite conditions, the shift pad can be operated manually to hold a gear, downshift or upshift.
Speaking of sportiness, there is what's called "Cornering G Shift Control," which monitors the vehicle's lateral acceleration when turning so that should the driver be going into a comer fast, the transmission won't upshift mid-corner and consequently upset the chassis balance.
This delivers the fastest change possible, and is accompanied by a dramatic aural 'crack' on both upshift and downshift.
Satcab said that ZAP has launched Concurrent's UpShift unified content delivery solution to power the region's first cloud DVR service.
The reason for his rapid progress soon became clear as Rosberg reported to his garage he was suffering from an upshift issue and he retired on lap 31 with the problem proving terminal as he eventually lost drive.
Curve Mode, longitudinal acceleration and pedal position all control upshift prevention.
As well as a stop/start system to improve economy in town, the car is fitted with an indicator to prompt gear changes and it is surprising to see how low the revs are when an upshift is suggested.