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Adj.1.urbanised - made urban in natureurbanised - made urban in nature; taking on urban characteristics; "the urbanized Eastern states"
urban - located in or characteristic of a city or city life; "urban property owners"; "urban affairs"; "urban manners"
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The next day there was added to his growing disillusionment a third ugly impression, trivial indeed to describe, a mere necessary everyday incident of a state of war, but very distressing to his urbanised imagination.
An Australian soldier (right) supervises as a Philippine Marine aims at targets during the Military Operation Urbanised Terrain (MOUTH) training exercises at the marine base in Ternate, Cavite province, southwest of Manila, yesterday.
The 2013 decision had concluded that public funding granted by Spain to facilitate the transition from analogue to digital television in remote and less urbanised areas procured a selective advantage to terrestrial platform operators over their competitors using other transmission technologies, in breach of EU State aid rules.
The Ministry of Planning has proposed preferential allocation of funds for relatively more underdeveloped and less urbanised areas.
Instead, for the first episode in this new series, he's heading to the Shropshire town of Ludlow on the Welsh border to investigate urbanised Britain.
It seems that in spite of all those property programmes about people who want to quit the rat race and move to the countryside, it's believed that by 2030, 92% of the population will be living in an urbanised environment.
TOWN WITH NICHOLAS CRANE BBC Two Wales, 9pm In the first episode in this new series, explorer and cartographer Nicholas Crane, right, heads to the Shropshire town of Ludlow on the Welsh border as he investigates urbanised Britain.
8 million with Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur and Pune being the most urbanised districts, and Gadchiroli, Sindhudurg and Hingoli being the least urbanised, according to Census of India 2011.