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A specialist in the study and planning of cities.

ur′ban·is′tic adj.


(Human Geography) a person who studies and plans towns and cities


(ˈɜr bə nɪst)

a specialist in city planning.


a member of an order of Franciscan nuns. See also pope.
See also: Monks and Nuns
a supporter of Pope Urban VI in the conflict of 1378 when an opposing faction established Clement VII as Pope. See also monks and nuns.
See also: Pope
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project management and urbanist architect coordinating project for the npnru des couronneries.
Brosna George and Urbanist should be in the shakeup.
Perhaps the most famous example is the early New Urbanist development of Seaside, Fla.
Background: In addition to his roles as senior EVP, general counsel and dean of advancement, Arnold also serves as CEO of The Village at Hendrix LLC, a new urbanist community adjacent to the college.
On May 12, at the inaugural Maison & Object Americas fair in Miami, Surface editor-in-chief Spencer Bailey interviewed architect and urbanist Andres Duany, whose firm, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, is based in Miami and Washington, D.
In spite of the fact that this municipality holds a strategic position, being an important communication point (the railway, the A2 highway, the bridge Fetesti-Cernavoda over Danube), (Bancila and Petiek, 2009), still, the economy is in continuous depreciation, which influences the urbanist facilities of the city (Candea, Bran, 2001).
but here's somewhere those of us who don't want yoga pants can check out: URbanist.
There will also be a retro Italian gelato store, Dri Dri, and a homewares store called The Urbanist.
Funding for the hotel is being led by DHP's Bruce Hare and David Orr of the Urbanist Group.
For Joan Childs, southeast Portland, Oregon, is the model New Urbanist neighborhood: mixed-income and mixed-use, with small-scale streets.