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A city dweller.


a resident of an urban community; city dweller


(ˈɜr bəˌnaɪt)

a resident of a city or urban community.
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Given today's highly competitive and fast-paced lifestyle, some urbanites have thus resorted to weekend getaways, or even just a staycation, as this will allow one to find a temporary respite where he or she can unwind and rejuvenate.
Ferber's innovation no doubt makes Alpine hiking less dangerous, but for salty urbanites depleting their bars swiping on Tinder and photographing plates of food on Instagram, nonstop cellular power is still a dream.
One of the organizing motifs of this collection is that the literature on cities in Africa is guilty of taking urban spaces and urbanites as more or less self-contained and otherwise severed from social experiences outside them.
The Quests challenge the Urbanites physically, mentally, and socially with the goal of giving the viewer a greater understanding of authentic Malaysian culture.
Our analysis suggests SW19 Wimbledon is the leading hot spot for young aspiring urbanites.
The hustler mentality is prevalent among the low and middle-class Kenyan urbanites who often desire socioeconomic mobility.
This rift became larger in 2013 and included a loss of support for the military among urbanites.
Young urbanites have been flocking to buy homes in south-west L ondon over the last year, with Fulham identified as the most popular place in the country for young professionals, research from Lloyds TSB showed.
IF YOU WERE HERE offers a fun debut novel by an author best known for her witty memoirs, and tells of one Mia and hubby Mac, employed college-educated urbanites who are in a war of spray-painted words with a young tagger.
A combination of the words "mass market" and "prestige" - the luxurious yet affordable range embodies the Kaiser's visionary instinct, with a 24/7 wardrobe solution for trend-driven urbanites.
These days, I am able to connect with the farmer who grows my meat and sells produce to me in a way that wasn't possible for urbanites in the past.
The new line of upscale condoms from "000" boutique is designed to appeal to sophisticated, fun-loving urbanites.