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a. ureico-a, rel. o concerniente a la urea.
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983 SUN, seram urea nitrogen (mg/dL); NI, nitrogen intake (g/d); FNE, fecal nitrogen excretion (g/d); UNE, urinary nitrogen excretion (g/d); NB, apparent nitrogen balance (g/d); RNB, relative nitrogen balance (g/g of NI); UEUN, urinary excretion of ureic nitrogen (g/d); NMIC, microbial nitrogen production in the rumen (g/d); EMS, efficiency of microbial protein synthesis (g microbial CP/kg DOM); DOM, digested organic matter (kg/d).
When the fluid released was chemically analyzed, urea, creatinine and ureic acid--three substances found in urine--were among the substances identified.
Blood samples were analyzed to determine concentrations of NEFA, triglycerides, total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, LDL- cholesterol, VLDL-cholesterol, total protein, albumin, glucose, urea and ureic nitrogen.