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n. ureteroneocistostomía. V.: ureterocystoneostomy
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Since there is a higher incidence of UTI and pyelonephritis in pregnancy, we chose a non-refluxing technique for ureteroneocystostomy.
Distal ureteral injuries can be managed by primary repair, but usually ureteroneocystostomy and a psoas hitch are required.
Although a ureteroneocystostomy was performed to treat the VUR simultaneously with augmentation for both CTC patients, only one patient with SCI underwent a simultaneous ureteroneocystostomy.
26) Causes of obstruction include edema at the anastomosis, ischemia or rejection leading to fibrosis and stenosis, technical error during the ureteroneocystostomy, and kinking of the ureter.
Gozalez A, Smith DP: Minimizing hospital length of stay in children undergoing ureteroneocystostomy.
A ureteroneocystostomy was performed with a Lich-Gregoire anastomosis.
Endoscopic treatment was performed in 7 ureters for 6 patients with ongoing reflux after extravesical ureteroneocystostomy, and 3 ureters were cured after the first injection and there was no reflux in one ureter after the second injection.
1,5] This type of surgical treatment with ureteroneocystostomy often requires ureteral reimplantation to control the physiological function of the ureterovesical junction,[sup.