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n. ureteroureterostomía, anastomosis de dos uréteres o de dos extremos del mismo uréter.
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If the stricture is short and the endoscopic treatment attempt is unsuccessful, the lower ureteric defects can be managed with ureteroureterostomy and ureteroneocystostomy.
The decision was made to perform a laparoscopic ureteroureterostomy.
Subgroup analysis for ureteroureterostomy surgery (20 patients, 65%) showed a success rate of 90% (18/20 patients).
Although both native UP and ureteroureterostomy (UU) can be used for the management of donor kidney with anatomical abnormality, the serious adhesions in the surgical field in ipsilateral re-transplantation might lead to the failure of exposure of native ureter, which caused impossibility to perform native UP or UU routinely.
The patient's hospital stay was complicated by a contained urine leak from the ureteroureterostomy which was managed nonoperatively with drains and ureteral stents.
First, the ureter looked very redundant, and to perform ureteroureterostomy it would also be necessary to excise a large portion of healthy ureter in order to give the ureter a more anatomical and functional aspect.
Five patients (5/65, 8%) in the group of recipients who had received an OLDN kidney required reoperation, two with postoperative bleeding, one with a hyperacute rejection (again, confirmed histologically), one with infarction of the kidney secondary to renal vein thrombosis and one with evidence of ureteric obstruction, for which ureteric revision with conversion to a ureteroureterostomy was required (Table 1).
Nephrectomy/nephroureterectomy 12 Pyeloplasty 1 Ureteral reconstruction 8 Ureteroureterostomy 2 Psoas hitch 3 Boari flap 1 Ileal ureter 2 Augmentation cystoplasty 9 Ileocystoplasty 6 Sigmoid colocystoplasty 2 Ileocystoplasty + ileal ureter 1 Epididymectomy 3 Visual internal urethrotomy 2
However, the abovementioned traditional open surgical techniques are somehow no longer widely accepted as options for the management of iatrogenic lower ureteral injury, as some reports have associated ureteroureterostomy with a relatively high rate of severe complications, although the issue is still controversial [10,11].
Indication: We perform robotic-assisted ureteroureterostomy (RAUU) on children with a duplicated collecting system showing an upper pole ectopic ureter with function in that moiety.
Complex cases may necessitate using older techniques that utilize the recipient's native ureter, such as a ureteroureterostomy or pyeloureteostomy.