urethral sphincter

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Noun1.urethral sphincter - a striated sphincter muscle that constricts the urethra
urethra - duct through which urine is discharged in most mammals and which serves as the male genital duct
anatomical sphincter, sphincter, sphincter muscle - a ring of muscle that contracts to close an opening
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Male continence is thought to be maintained by a combination of factors, including soft tissue, smooth muscle sphincters, and the prostate itself, as well as the striated urethral sphincter muscles and the levator ani or pelvic floor muscles.
The urodynamic study code 51784, Electromyography studies (EMG) of anal or urethral sphincter, other than needle, any technique, has decreased in RVU value by about 64%.
Similarly, another study has shown some difference to exist not only in the arrangement but also in the innervation of smooth muscles in males and females in the proximal urethra and showing the presence of a proximal pre-prostatic urethral sphincter in males.
In addition, a higher concentration of 5-HT at the neuromuscular junction leads to constriction of the external urethral sphincter.
The diagnosis of longitudinal disruption of urethral sphincter was made followed by primary reconstruction with an approximation technique M.
The urethral sphincter mechanism is composed of an external striated sphincter and an internal smooth muscle layer that are both crucial to maintaining urethral closure pressure.
Male patients with moderate to severe stress urinary incontinence after orthotopic ileal neobladder surgery might be considered for artificial urethral sphincter (AUS) implantation.
They stated that combined injection of three different lineages of early-differentiating human amniotic fluid-derived cells (myogenic, neurogenic, and endothelial) restores urethral sphincter function [10].
The effect of vaginal delivery on the urethral sphincter.
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M Muazhar Hussain of Army Medical College, Rawalpindi said that requirements of for urinary continence include a quiescent bladder, functioning musculofascial supports and a functional urethral sphincter mechanism.
Pelvic floor exercises entail repetitive voluntary contraction and relaxation of the urethral sphincter, performed multiple times per day for a course of at least a few months initially.