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n.1.(Surg.) An operation for the repair of an injury or a defect in the walls of the urethra.
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1) TUR has a high recurrence rate and narrow indication; urethroplasty has a high operative invasion and a high incidence of sexual dysfunction and penile change.
The surgical treatment involved direct-vision internal urethrotomy in 60 cases, transurethral resection of the prostate in 17, open prostatectomy in six, bladder neck incision in one and urethroplasty in one.
Anastomotic open urethroplasty is the major surgical treatment option, and various modifications/manipulations to the procedure have been recommended in the literature.
Bladder reconstructive surgery is now fairly common and we have a lot with superficial bladder cancer that needs to be managed, plus patients undergoing procedures like urethroplasty, nephrectomy and prostatectomy.
The calculus of 30mm x 20mm x15mm (figure 3) was extracted successfully and end to end urethroplasty was performed.
After a few days the patient was then given treatment options of delayed repair and open urethroplasty or percutaneous endoscopic urethral realignment.
Sutureless rabbit bladder mucosa patch graft urethroplasty using diode laser and solder.
A sampling of surgeries includes pyeloplasty, ureterocytoplasty, sigma diverticulitis, prostatectomy, penile carcinoma, mesh graft urethroplasty, female stress incontinence, vesicovaginal fistulas, bladder substitution, and splenectomy.
Boston Scientific has also acquired an option to purchase the assets and technology of Celsion's Microwave Urethroplasty business, as well as certain contingent rights to purchase other Celsion technologies.
The non-surgical urethroplasty procedure is expected to provide BPH patients immediate urine-flow relief by forming the biological stent, a feature absent from all other current commercial BPH thermotherapy systems.
1,5) Urethral strictures, urethroplasty, intermittent catheterization, history of radiotherapy, urethritis, and human papilloma virus 16 have been associated with primary UC.