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An instrument for examining the interior of the urethra.

u′re·thros′co·py (yo͝or′ə-thrŏs′kə-pē) n.


the use of the urethroscope to examine the urethra.
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Retrograde urethrogram or urethroscopy are reserved when concomitant urethral injury is suspected, usually when hematuria is present.
Caption: Urethroscopy following another physician's attempt at sling loosening with a urethral dilator and downward traction: The urethra gave way before the sling did.
As one example, Matsumoto, Hamstra, Radomski, and Cusimano (2002) taught senior medical students cystoscopy and urethroscopy using low- and high-fidelity simulators.
Flexible cystoscopy and flexible urethroscopy is performed and a guidewire is placed antegrade.