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n. uretrotomía, incisión efectuada para aliviar una estrechez uretral.
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There are various therapies to treat urethral stricture, including transurethral internal urethrotomy (TUR) and urethroplasty.
The surgical treatment involved direct-vision internal urethrotomy in 60 cases, transurethral resection of the prostate in 17, open prostatectomy in six, bladder neck incision in one and urethroplasty in one.
Although there is a lack of literature regarding retrograde pyelography and stent insertions and I urethrotomy, the authors believe that the need for peri-procedural prophylaxis would be addressed by the guidelines in this section.
Asas cutting of a rod,barilla for lithotripsy,monopolar wire for working element, connector thick,cold knife straight for urethrotomy,element type iglesias working for asas a stem monopolar etc.
In one patient (3%), optical urethrotomy was required on the 7th day after removal of the transurethral catheter.
After the impacted urethral stone was seen in the anterior urethra in ureteroscopy, urethrotomy was performed with a 3 cm vertical incision in the penile urethra.
Among several treatment strategies, including dilation and direct visual internal urethrotomy (DVIU), urethroplasty has emerged as the cost-effective management option for almost all strictures and remains the gold standard for longer, complex or recalcitrant strictures.