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Of or relating to urine; urinary.

[Late Latin ūrēticus, from Greek ourētikos, from ourein, to urinate.]


(Biochemistry) of or relating to the urine
[C19: via Late Latin from Greek ourētikos, from ouron urine]
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Measurement of B-type natri uretic peptide by two assays utilizing antibodies with different epitope specificity.
It can cause, high incidence of uretic diathesis as reported at a site in Armenia where the soil contained Mo 77 mg/kg and Cu 39 mg/kg (NRC, 1996).
Mani uretic peptides: an update on bioactivity, potential therapeutic use, and implication in cardiovascular diseases.
4) The camomile is uretic and brings about menstruation.
Two uretic buds can be seen immediately above the points where the mesonephric ducts enter the cloaca.