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intr.v. u·ri·nat·ed, u·ri·nat·ing, u·ri·nates
To excrete urine.

[Medieval Latin ūrīnāre, ūrīnāt-, from Latin ūrīna, urine; see urine.]

u′ri·na′tion n.
u′ri·na′tive adj.
u′ri·na′tor n.


the process of expelling fluids from the body in the urine.
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Noun1.urination - the discharge of urineurination - the discharge of urine    
excreting, excretion, voiding, elimination, evacuation - the bodily process of discharging waste matter
making water, passing water, wetting, leak - a euphemism for urination; "he had to take a leak"
lithuresis - passing small stones with the urine
nocturia, nycturia - excessive urination at night; especially common in older men
oliguria - production of an abnormally small amount of urine
peeing, pissing, pee, piss - informal terms for urination; "he took a pee"


n. orina, acto de emisión de la orina;
frequent ___orinar con frecuencia, micción frecuente
Mex. A. pop. meadera;
difficult ___orinar con dificultad, micción dificil;
painful ___orinar con dolor, micción dolorosa.
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Results: After 12 weeks, subjects taking Cucuflavone experienced a significant reduction versus baseline, in 1) urination frequency, 2) urgency, 3) incontinence frequency, 4) maximum urgency score, 5) nocturnal urination frequency and 6) OAB-symptom scale.
Washington, Feb 11 ( ANI ): A new study has found that women struggle more than men when it comes to problems related to urination, including incontinence and having to get up to urinate at night-time.
A council spokesman said: "The joint pilot operation is being carried out to serve a stark warning to customers enjoying the night-time economy that public urination will not be tolerated in the city centre.
Lower urinary tract dysfunctions are common urological problems in children and they may present with findings including urinary incontinence, urgency, crossing legs, intermittent urination and increased frequency of urination.
gov) The Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of an Over the Counter treatment for frequent urination, also known as overactive bladder.
Top tips for spotting the potential symptoms of male cancer include: difficulties in passing urine, rushing to the toilet to pass urine, passing urine more frequently, especially at night and increased frequency of urination, pain, discomfort or a lump in the testicle or scrotum, burning sensation during urination, a penile rash, blood in the semen or urine, a dull ache in the groin or lower abdomen.
Others include frequent urination, strong urges to urinate and burning during urination.
Summary: Blue star Antony Costa says it is time to move on from his recent urination scandal.
Another study reported that risk of death in the elderly was associated with the frequency of night-time urination (voiding).
The AUA Symptom Score is a standardized measurement of BPH symptoms and includes data on 1) sensations of incomplete emptying of the bladder; 2) need to urinate frequently; 3) stopping and starting during urination; 4) urgent need to urinate; 5) weakness of urinary stream; 6) need to push or strain during urination; and 7) urination during sleep (nocturia).
Temple frenetically cut the footage together, throwing out timelines and focusing on the aspects of Glastonbury -- hedonism, hippies, public urination -- that he finds essential.
Public urination violates public nuisance laws, a California state appeals court recently ruled.