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Adj.1.urn-shaped - having a concave shape like an urn
concave - curving inward
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During a Wirral youth court trial, the pair, from Birkenhead, denied they had been involved in the vandalism and claimed the urns were actually urn-shaped candles stolen from B&Q.
It produces delightful urn-shaped flowers and fruit reminiscent of strawberries.
Concrete urn-shaped balustrades and statues decorate the structure, although a quadrant of the balustrade has been filled with concrete.
It has larger leaves with white underneath and urn-shaped flowers in mauve to purple.
The table has satinwood banding and rests on four urn-shaped pedestal columns with handcarved, reeded saber legs, acanthus leaves and brass-paw castered feet.
Bladderworts have small, urn-shaped bladders that trap insects and crustaceans.
Twin vintage mirrored paneled doors, more architectural salvage, were cleverly refashioned into bedside tables, with the addition of demi-lune marble surfaces supported by urn-shaped bases.
The darker egg cup in the centre dates to the late 18th century, while the urn-shaped one was made around 1830.
Exuberant foliage complemented the plain urn-shaped terracotta pots, while bright flower colours (especially red) and ratifies were reserved for the finest blue-and-white Delft pots, which graced the steps and sills of the orangery itself (Fig.
Its smooth-textured bark, leathery leaves, and urn-shaped flowers give it a stand-alone quality in the garden.
The fruit, which is edible but usually bland in flavor, appears at the same time as small, urn-shaped flowers.
The redesign of the urn-shaped jars by RPC Blackburn highlights the upmarket nature of the brand for an elegant on-shelf image.