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A radiograph of the urinary tract.


n. urograma, rayos-x hechos por urografía.


n urografía (estudio), urograma m
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The stages of chronic kidney disease are evaluated on the basis of ultrasonography and not on the basis of CT as CT urogram can result in contrast induced nephropathy.
A CT urogram would assess his upper tracts, and a cystoscopy would complete the gross hematuria evaluation (Kreshover, Ramasamy, & Nirmish, 2016).
Recommended imaging studies include renal ultrasound with radiography comment on ureteral jets and computed tomography urogram if creatinine levels are normal.
CT urogram shows a lobular mass within the left upper pole kidney, which was indeterminate but suspicious for vascular malformation (Figure 2).
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Static magnetic resonance urogram showing the tumor displacing the bladder.
Ultrasound, intravenous urogram and DTPA Scanwere carried out.
A CT urogram done two weeks following stent removal showed continuity of the UPJ and ureter with mild hydronephrosis and no extravasation.
She received the National Journalism Award for spreading democratic culture for its urogram Codiso Democracia at the Congress Channel (2014).
Objectively all patients were followed up by intravenous urogram stress renogram Urine C/S.
A CT urogram showed contrast uptake with renal parenchyma in the 'cyst'.
Ultrasonography, an intravenous urogram, retrograde pyelogram, and computerized tomography aided in diagnosing the presence of a renocolic fistula.