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A hydrometer for measuring the specific gravity of urine.


(Medicine) an instrument for determining the specific gravity of urine


(ˌyʊər əˈnɒm ɪ tər)

a device for assessing the specific gravity of urine.


an instrument for determining the specific gravity of urine.
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Hydration fluid balance chart which included an hourly urinary output with usage of an urometer drainage bag that gave accurate hourly measurement.
Often times as nurses we put in catheters and then decide we might need an urometer, for frequent monitoring.
Tenders invited for Urometer, urine collection bag with measured volume chamber cap, cord clamp, blade surgical & catheter nelatgon disp round tip.
5ml; Lot VIII - Strips urinare- compatible with UROMETER 720; LOT ninth package of reagents for clotting - SYSMEX analyzer compatible with CS2000i; LOT XI - Package reagents hematology analyzer compatible with PentraXL80; LOT XI analyzer reagents compatible with the IMMULITE 1000; LOT XII reagents and consumables package compatible with PENTRA Biochemistry Analyzer 400; LOT XIII-pack reagents and consumables compatible with Microsemi CRP hematology analyzer; LOT XIV - Mycoplasma YST 2; LOT XV - Vacutainer Hematology: 2ml volume with K3EDTA; LOT XVI - 60ml urine samples; LOT XVII - peaks; LOT XVIII - for urinalysis test tube 16/100 mm (10 ml); LOT XIX -Lamele glass for microscopy 24x24 mm LOT XX -Anse calibrated bacteriology 1 to 10 microliters; LOT XXI - URINE CONTAINER 3L