uronic acid

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u•ron′ic ac′id

(yʊˈrɒn ɪk)

any of a group of organic acids, as glucuronic acid, derived from oxidation of aldose sugars and occurring in urine.
[1920–25; < Greek oûron urine (compare uro-1) + -ic]
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The name is derived from hyalos, which is the Greek term for vitreous, and uronic acid because it was first obtained from the vitreous humor (the colorless transparent jelly that fills the eyeball posterior to the lens) and possesses a high uronic acid content.
glutinins was a novel uronic acid, mannose-rich acidic heteropolysaccharide composed of neutral sugars (85%)and uronic acid (15%).
Total dietary fibre determined as neutral sugar residues, uronic acid residues, and Klason lignin (The Uppsala Method): Collaborative study.
Compare to mango, ambarella pulp exhibits high uronic acid (21 mg/g) content and low pH (3.
The total carbohydrate and uronic acid contents were determined by the phenol-sulfuric acid (Dubois et al.
Uronic acid content in each supernatant was assayed according to Blumenkrantz and Asboe-Hansen (1973) using galacturonic acid (Sigma) as standard.
Various methods have been developed to identify and quantify GAGs in urine, many of them targeted to uronic acid or degradation products containing this moiety (18-23).
The quantification of total uronic acid indicates the amount of free carboxyl and methoxylated total (AUA, %).
Heparin is a glycosaminoglycan polysaccharide with a carbohydrate backbone consisting of alternating uronic acid and hexosamine.
Hemicellulose is a highly branched, low molecular weight heteropolymers of various sugars as well as their uronic acid.
The investigators used size exclusion chromatography analysis, carbohydrate analysis and uronic acid assay profiling of the collected fractions to determine the differences between the middle lamella and cell wall pectin.
This may be attributed to two different uronic acid content of alginate.