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 (ûr′tĕkst′, o͞or′-)
The original text, as of a musical score or a literary work.

[German : ur-, original; see Ursprache + Text, text (from Middle High German, from Late Latin textus); see text.]


1. (Linguistics) the earliest form of a text as established by linguistic scholars as a basis for variants in later texts still in existence
2. (Music, other) an edition of a musical score showing the composer's intentions without later editorial interpolation
[from ur- original + text]


(ˈʊərˌtɛkst, ˈɜr-)

n. (sometimes cap.)
the original form of a text, esp. of a musical composition.
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Gregory Schopen's "On the Absence of Urtexts and Otiose [A.
vii), by those claiming fidelity to Urtexts, and the "sad catalog of corruption" (p.
The novel is relevant as one of two urtexts (and perhaps the one locus classicus) for Caron's failure-based yet nostalgic sense of friendship and by extension community.
Urtexts of advanced repertoire are common, but materials for the early-level student do not usually take this approach.
Using an Urtext edition with piano students at this relatively early-level offers opportunities and challenges for both the teacher and student.
I would have preferred an exception to the Urtext approach by the edition including only those fingering cues that facilitate the initial learning of shifts and extensions.
Basing her analyses on a formidable knowledge of Balzac's works--and, unlike many previous commentators, including, strongly, the Contes drolatiques and the 'Premiers romans'--Baron takes her reader through a constellation of linked characters: the beggar, pariah, and 'sauvage'; the martyr, prisoner, and 'proscrit'; the genius and the monster; the sorceress, the prostitute, and the saint, showing, in each case, how seeming opposites alternate or overlap, and also showing how works such as Louis Lambert, with one of Balzac's clearest 'fantomes du miroir', operate as Urtexts in the Balzacian oeuvre.
Ironically, perhaps, it is for this reason not really an Urtext as advertised, but a collation of several Urtexts.
By presenting some of the Urtexts for Balzac's 'cathedrale de papier', this anthology therefore also complements Vachon's edited proceedings of the 1994 Montreal conference entitled Balzac.
Ernst-Gunter Heinemann, with a foreword by Lesure, 1983; and Wiener Urtext Edition, ed.
7: (1) a Hebrew synopsis including the retroverted Vorlage of the LXX, (2) a discussion of the relationships between the texts, (3) the retroverted Urtext, (4) the implications of the text critical analysis for the redactional history of the texts.
Person then offers the Urtext of the Kings/Isaiah text (pp.