usnic acid

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us·nic acid

An antibacterial substance, C18H16O7, obtained from lichens of several genera, including Usnea.
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It was once used to treat wounds as the usnic acid it contains has antibiotic properties; | Stereocaulon glareosum - a kind of coral lichen, it lives on bare toxic ground low in nutrients.
In late March, researchers found the high levels of usnic acid found in tumbleweed shield lichen (lichens are part fungus, part algae) was the cause of the deaths.
Usnic acid is effective against streptococcus, staphylococcus, and bacteria that causes pneumonia.
Some of the supplements in question include kava, usnic acid and bitter orange (citrus aurantium).
Three weeks into taking only half the recommended (dose, Rosenthal slipped into a coma, her liver apparently destroyed by usnic acid, an ingredient in the supplement.
For the first time, the researchers can explain how usnic acid is toxic to plants (phytotoxicity).
The research collaboration will assess the ability of various dietary supplements, including black cohosh, green tea, ginko biloba, kava, usnic acid and potentially others, to affect various drug transporters.
By comparing the structure of achyrofuran to other chemically related antimicrobials, it became clear that achyrofuran shares some similarities to usnic acid (Fig.
The usnic acid it contains is a potent antibiotic and antifungal agent.