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u·tric·u·lar 1

1. Of, relating to, or resembling a utricle.
2. Having one or more utricles.

u·tric·u·lar 2

Relating to the uterus.
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It is postulated that the observations of altered postural stability seen when the head is positioned in full extension may be due to change in the position of the utricular otolith organs of the vestibular system beyond their normal working range (Jackson and Epstein 1991, Kogler et al 2000).
Co-Authors to Present Two Scholarly Papers on Research Related to Canal & Utricular Functions & Smooth Pursuit Testing
Otoliths are comprised of three calcium carbonate structures, mainly in the form of aragonite, and organic matter called otoline (Nolf 1985), in the inner ear of teleosts: utricular (lapillus), lagenar (asterisk), and saccular (sagitta).