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The vascular middle layer of the eye constituting the iris, ciliary body, and choroid.

[Medieval Latin ūvea, from Latin ūva, grape.]

u′ve·al adj.
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Adj.1.uveal - of or relating to the uvea of the eyeuveal - of or relating to the uvea of the eye
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The first uveal and cutaneous melanoma patients were dosed with pegzilarginase in Aeglea's open-label Phase 1 cohort expansions, with the intent to confirm the safety profile and Phase 2 dose and identify further signals of clinical activity.
I am not really sure of what this is, but I know it is one of three things, acute conjunctivitis, acute uveal inflammation or acute close angle glaucoma.
Most uveal melanomas could be treated with plaque radiation therapy or enucleation (removal of the eye that leaves the eye muscles and remaining orbital contents intact).
These include cancers of the breast, colon, head and neck, kidney, liver, lung, ovary, pancreas and prostate, as well as acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, leukaemia, melanoma and uveal (a part of the eye) melanoma, multiple myeloma and sarcoma.
com) and uveal melanoma (DecisionDx-UM, DecisionDx-PRAME; www.
A defective immune system, specifically triggered and propelled by cytotoxic T cells against target organs including gastrointestinal tract (inflammatory bowel disease), synovial cartilage (rheumatoid arthritis), uveal membrane (anterior uveitis), myelin basic protein (multiple sclerosis), bone marrow (aplastic anemia) etc.
Three patients of penetrating injury with uveal tissue prolapse and severe corneal laceration were eviscerated and one patient who had eyeball protrusion due to cow horn injury underwent enucleation Figure 4.
The uveal tract, which is the most vascular part of the eye, is the most likely to be affected.
compare the currently available intraocular lens materials in terms of uveal and capsular biocompatibility and review studies aimed at increasing the biocompatibility of intraocular lenses.
Immunocare, a UK-based pharma firm dedicated to the development of biological drugs for cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, recruited 19 metastatic uveal melanoma patients for its intra-patient dose escalation Phase I IMCgp100 study.
The position of the lens optic and the loops in the natural anatomical position isolated from the highly vascular uveal tissue and the blood aqueous barrier.
14) Examination of the iris may reveal areas of focal iris atrophy and pupillary irregularities, and is representative of anterior uveal ischaemia.