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 (ŭk-sôr′ĭ-sīd′, ŭg-zôr′-)
1. The killing of a wife by her spouse.
2. One who kills one's wife.

[Medieval Latin uxōricīdium : Latin uxor, wife + Latin -cīdium, -cide.]


1. the act of killing one's wife
2. a person who kills his or her wife
[C19: from Latin uxor wife + -cide]
uxˌoriˈcidal adj


(ʌkˈsɔr əˌsaɪd, -ˈsoʊr-, ʌgˈzɔr-, -ˈzoʊr-)

1. the act of murdering one's wife.
2. a man who murders his wife.
[1855–60; < Latin ūxor wife + -i- + -cide]
ux•o`ri•cid′al, adj.


1. the killing of one’s wife.
2. a person who has killed his wife. — uxoricidal, adj.
See also: Killing
1. the murder of a wife by a husband.
2. a husband who murders his wife. — uxoricidal, adj.
See also: Wife
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Noun1.uxoricide - a husband who murders his wife
hubby, husband, married man - a married man; a woman's partner in marriage
2.uxoricide - the murder of a wife by her husband
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
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Of doctors who commit murder within the context and confines of their private lives, and for personal reasons, there has never been any shortage, uxoricides mostly, from Dr.
45) Unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation constituted the leading single trigger for uxoricide, accounting for 44 percent of African-American wife killings.