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Adj.1.v-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter Vv-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter V  
formed - having or given a form or shape
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ISLAMABAD -- Mimicking the v-shaped posture adopted by a butterfly species to heat up its flight muscles before take-off, the amount of power produced by solar panels can increase by almost 50 percent, a study has found.
The vehicle features front end with a V-shaped chrome-lined grille with a honeycomb design.
Looks like a lemon squeezer, but whip off its top and you reveal a sturdy cutting blade, and hidden in the bottom is a v-shaped tool that's perfect for getting those twists of zesty peel to decorate your whisky sour with.
A recent development is the new V-shaped wing pulley, which extends pulley life and is engineered to deflect material and prevent belt damage, while minimizing noise and vibration during operation.
Key statement: A vehicle wheel tire center tread region has a repeating circumferential array of first substantially V-shaped grooves positioned on the centerplane, each first V-shaped groove having divergent first groove side arms extending in a first circumferential direction, and a repeating circumferential array of second substantially V-shaped grooves positioned on the centerplane and having divergent second groove side arms extending in a second circumferential direction opposite to the first circumferential direction.
The newly developed Low-torque Seal Ring use a PEEK (polyether ether ketone) plastic featuring a special filler, and incorporate a V-shaped lubrication groove formed on the surface of the seal rings during injection molding.
When the V-shaped ribbon is released from the substrate it forms a helix consisting of a dual coil that is connected at either end to chromium electrode pads.
Veronese II by Chacott A Japanese-made, lightweights shoe for students, with a tapered V-shaped vamp.
In a study examining mice given copious amounts of alcohol, the mice supplemented with BluCetin were 10 times more likely to rise from a cradled V-shaped hammock after their intoxicated state.
It has enhancements including a V-shaped hull to give protection against the bombs which have been a common tactic of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
The victim, a 17-year-old teenager, suffered a v-shaped cut which bled.
The change of layout in the bar means we can increase the number of covers from 130 to 170 and create specific zones throughout our V-shaped bar for dining, music, and sport watching.