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 (văk′sə-nəl, văk-sē′-)
1. Of or relating to vaccination or a vaccine.
2. Induced by vaccination.


(Medicine) of or relating to vaccine or vaccination


(ˈvæk sə nl)

of, pertaining to, or caused by vaccine or vaccination.
[1855–60; compare French vaccinal]
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Contract notice: Acquisition of vaccinal doses of blue tongue (2 lots)
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Aluminium hydroxide gel is the least toxic and adsorbs the vaccinal immunogen to make it insoluble.
Dans un communique il a precise que "a l'issue de la campagne nationale de vaccination contre la rougeole et la rubeole en milieu scolaire qui s'est deroulee du 6 au 15 mars 2017, plus de 1,5 millions d'eleves ont ete vaccines sans aucun incident particulier du fait que toutes les conditions inherentes a la securite de l'acte vaccinal ont ete reunies".
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Metronidazole is an antibiotic of choice in confirming the purity of the cultures of vaccinal strain of Pasteurella multocida during vaccine production process.
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Moreover, bacteria were also isolated from the guinea pigs inoculated with vaccinal organism.
Quatre-vingt dix pour cent (90 %) de la population ont une bonne opinion de la vaccination avec une connaissance des modes de transmission et du risque vaccinal, mais 42,7 % seulement pensait que la maitrise du risque infectieux etait possible.
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Additionally, epidemiological data regarding risk factors and vaccinal status was assessed.