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v. vac·ci·nat·ed, vac·ci·nat·ing, vac·ci·nates
To inoculate with a vaccine in order to produce immunity to an infectious disease, such as diphtheria or typhus.
To perform vaccinations or a vaccination.

vac′ci·na′tor n.
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Adj.1.vaccinated - having been rendered unsusceptible to a diseasevaccinated - having been rendered unsusceptible to a disease
insusceptible, unsusceptible - not susceptible to
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The next thing: he made all the monkeys who were still well come and be vaccinated.
Then there is a "sampler" worked by some idiot related to the family, a picture of the "Huguenots," two or three Scripture texts, and a highly framed and glazed certificate to the effect that the father has been vaccinated, or is an Odd Fellow, or something of that sort.
He's the first I ever had--except when I was vaccinated once, and then the city did that.
Here his first care was to have his Nez Perce Indian, and his half-breed boy, Baptiste, vaccinated.
This Bunster called vaccination, and Mauki was vaccinated a number of times a week.
Now there's no free and independent career in which, in the course of twelve years, a young man who has gone through the grammar-school, been vaccinated, is exempt from military service, and possesses all his faculties (I don't mean transcendent ones) can't amass a capital of forty-five thousand francs in centimes, which represents a permanent income equal to our salaries, which are, after all, precarious.
The vaccine is a booster and it is the responsibility of parents to get their children vaccinated,' she said, adding , every child up to the age of 10 years must be vaccinated.
While the authorities announced to introduce the vaccination in the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) from January, no children have yet been vaccinated.
State health officials on Tuesday urged parents to make sure their children were vaccinated against measles, after two children were recently diagnosed with the disease.
They vaccinated children below age 5 at the huts of gypsies before the start of three-day of anti-Polio Campaign on Jan 15.
If she finds a child who needs to be vaccinated but is also dirty, she says she uses her handkerchief to clean the child before giving them the drops and marking their fingers.
Butuan City - The regional office of the Department of Health (DOH) appealed to physicians who vaccinated Dengvaxia to 223 people, including children, to closely monitor their patients.