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a. Lacking intelligence; stupid or empty-headed.
b. Devoid of substance or meaning; vapid or inane: a vacuous comment.
c. Devoid of expression; vacant: a vacuous stare. See Synonyms at empty.
2. Lacking serious purpose or occupation; idle: "A sleepless night was followed by a vacuous day" (Zon Ferraris).
3. Archaic Devoid of matter; empty: vacuous space.

[From Latin vacuus, empty; see vacuum.]

vac′u·ous·ly adv.
vac′u·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.vacuousness - indicative of or marked by mental vacuity and an absence of ideas; "the vacuousness of her face belied her feelings"
stupidity - a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience


Total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance:
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The critical approach the book advances, which is shaped by a Foucauldian notion of problematization, exposes the vacuousness and hypocrisy in the moralistic stances commonly adopted by contemporary liberal governments.
53) We have to take that thesis at face value because Waldron doesn't tell us who those moral philosophers are or how they defend that position against what any number of their fellow philosophers would have to recognise as its patent vacuousness.
The vacuousness of the EU's prescriptions returned to haunt Greece once more this week, though, when the prospect of a Grexit returned to the agenda.
The works that do withstand the proposed research methodology are powerful and compelling examples that validate the industry in which they circulate against claims of vacuousness.
However, the last twelve lean years since the outbreak of the Darfur people's revolution have demonstrated the emptiness and vacuousness of that argument.
This is often seen as an aspect of the weakness or vacuousness of the state, sometimes in a nearly apocalyptic horizon.
Andrews, supra note 167, at 70 (noting that idiots may be recognized by "odd physical appearance, especially the size of their heads, deformities, or enlargement in their features, and vacuousness in their expressions").
The inevitable superficiality of this debate will rightly condemn the party to impotence, at least until the Tories contrive such a debacle as to put Labour back in business, despite its vacuousness.
The nested galleries of Bochner's work are exhausting in their vacuousness and superficiality--the work is distressingly lifeless, lethargic, and halfhearted.
Like idealism, it can easily turn into cynicism at the sight, upclose, of dishonesty, avarice and vacuousness of celebrities.
I marveled at the vacuousness of this milestone, and the compulsion to pile on factoids to an ever-growing, crowd-sourced obituary.
My brother, Jo-Jo, a Trinity College, Cambridge man, and I, often titter together about the vacuousness of many of these modern degrees - media studies/journalism etc - but to be fair most of our scorn is reserved for such things as geography or "colouring in for grown-ups" as one wag put it.