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Noun1.vacuum bag - a bag into which dirt is sucked by a vacuum cleanervacuum bag - a bag into which dirt is sucked by a vacuum cleaner
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
vacuum cleaner, vacuum - an electrical home appliance that cleans by suction
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It wasn't until we checked the date on the protective vacuum bag that we became aware the wine had been in the tank for just 1 month," said Graham.
Check and replace your vacuum bag, filter and belt A full vacuum bag, clogged filter or broken belt can hinder your vacuum's effectiveness, leaving dirt, dust and allergens behind.
After you're done, throw away the vacuum bag or wash the vacuum canister with hot, soapy water.
It is then placed into a vacuum bag to retain flavour and succulence.
After cutting a melon, put the cut melon at once in a vacuum bag and seal tightly to lock in the flavor.
09 January 2017 - US-based insulation vacuum bag distribution company Jackson Innovations has been sold to a new owner by Viking Mergers and Acquisitions, the company said.
Sucked into a vacuum bag, this little bug moves through the five stages of grief--cleverly illustrated as household products--as it comes to terms with its fate.
He led the company's redesign of its financial and brand growth strategy as well as the development of high-speed roasting and vacuum bag packaging.
In general, a vacuum bag does not care which glue is used, it will press all glues with 1800 pounds per square foot of pressure.
This new easy-open vacuum bag provides a new level of convenience for consumers.
As a nice little bonus, my hens love when I empty the vacuum bag of hoppers into their pen
For the compressed shallots: Put shallots and equal parts vinegar, sugar, and water in vacuum bag.