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Of, relating to, or being water that is located in the zone of aeration in the earth's crust above the groundwater level.

[Latin vadōsus, shallow, from vadum, a shallow, ford.]


(Physical Geography) of, relating to, designating, or derived from water occurring above the water table: vadose water; vadose deposits.
[C19: from Latin vadōsus full of shallows, from vadum a ford]


(ˈveɪ doʊs)

found or located above the water table: vadose water; vadose zone.
[1895–1900; < Latin vadōsus shallow]
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Four vadose monitoring probes go down 30 feet into the earth, detecting liquids that may get through landfill liner, Crepeau said.
Gravity drives dissolutional patterns in the unsaturated, vadose zone, while hydraulic potential dominates in the saturated, phreatic zone.
He was one of the first to identify vadose zone and groundwater flow rates through riparian buffers.
The company did not specify if it was a vadose (erosion) or a collapse sinkhole that drained the west cell of the South Stack.
This area of concern was originally designated as TP-2, corresponding to a former test pit location where elevated TPH was discovered and NAPL was observed in the vadose (unsaturated) zone.
Their topics include the utility of geological and pedalogical models in designing geothermal heat pump systems, characterizing flooded abandoned mines in Ohio as a low-temperature geothermal resource, an evaluation of a discrete-depth heat dissipation test for the thermal characterization of the subsurface, the physical modeling of coupled heat transfer and water flow in soil-borehole thermal energy storage systems in the vadose zone, and the stochastic exploration and geologic context of enhanced geothermal system viability on the Snake River Plain in Idaho.
The primary exposure pathway for nearby residents was consumption of water contaminated by long-term air emissions, deposition on surface soil, and transport through the vadose and saturated zones to public and private wells; an additional water consumption pathway occurred via direct emissions into the Ohio River, contaminating downstream water supplies (Paustenbach et al.
Basara, "Passive microwave soil moisture downscaling using vegetation index and skin surface temperature," Vadose Zone Journal, vol.
Geomicrobiology of high-level nuclear waste-contaminated vadose sediments at the Hanford site, Washington state".
1987) as ajoint project with National Water Well Association (NWWA) and US Environmental Protection Agency, for aquifer sensitivity using depth to water table, aquifer material, soil composition, recharge rates, topography, vadose zone and saturated hydraulic conductivity (Shirazi et al, 2013).
Fibrous cement is found in marine-phreatic meteoric vadose and marine-vadose environments (FlA1/4gel 1982 2004).