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A person who moves from place to place without a permanent home and often without a regular means of support.
Of, relating to, or characteristic of a vagabond.
intr.v. vag·a·bond·ed, vag·a·bond·ing, vag·a·bonds
To wander or travel about, especially as a vagabond.

[Middle English vagabonde, from Old French vagabond, from Late Latin vagābundus, wandering, from Latin vagārī, to wander, from vagus, wandering.]

vag′a·bond′age n.
vag′a·bond′ism n.


 vagabonds collectively, 1853.
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Noun1.Vagabondage - travelling about without any clear destinationvagabondage - travelling about without any clear destination; "she followed him in his wanderings and looked after him"
travel, traveling, travelling - the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"
drifting - aimless wandering from place to place
References in classic literature ?
Which, if not strictly true, is approximately so, if taken to express that Durdles may always be found in a state of vagabondage somewhere.
Vagabondage and begging increased as people flocked to the Church in search of either positions or alms.
From the mind of master Geneva watchmaker FranAaAaAeAoois-Paul Journe com the last installment in the limited collection of his trilogy Vagabondage timepiece series.
Sa vocation d'ecrivain vagabond, incapable de s'enraciner quelque part, se reflete dans son Luvre poetique et romanesque des ses premieres publications, et le vagabondage physique devient aussi un vagabondage litteraire dans les genres et dans les langues".
Separated from his papers still on board the departed freighter, Gales finds himself in an utterly alienating interwar Europe, where lack of documentation triggers the onset of a condition or way of life perhaps treated most famously in modern literature by Hamsun, Gorky, and Orwell: that of vagabondage.
780 personnes en situation de vagabondage ou de mendicite ou souffrant de maladies mentales dans des centres de protection sociale ou dans des etablissements sanitaires specialises.
Dans le cadre de la lutte contre la mendicite et le vagabondage a Jendouba, la police municipale a interpelle un septuagenaire qui ecumait les rues de la ville chez qui a ete decouverte la somme de 6, 451 mille dinars, rapporte le quotidien Achourouk.
Vagabondage has no advance itinerary--its trajectory is patched together bit by bit, one bit at a time.
This allegorical connection between the plague and vagabondage was prevalent in early modern England.
Ce sont precisement les sens qui president au vagabondage dans le reseau, en orientant les choix, les consommations et les mouvements du cybernaute, en influencant son comportement, meme lorsque celui-ci semble avoir une inclination pour la dimension logique.
L'oisivete, le spectre du vagabondage, les tentations, les mauvaises, les nuits et les jours faits d'errance et d'incertitudes.
To end the 'dangerous' vagabondage of transient people was one of the constitutive acts of modern biopolitics (Castel, 2003; Cresswell, 2001).