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a. vagolítico, rel. al nervio vago.
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explained their diminished incidence of PONV in their study with reduced incidence of hypotensive episodes that ketamine provides by its sympathomimetic and vagolytic effects (28).
Mild vagolytic effect as seen in Rocuronium may help in prevention of intraoperative bradycardia with certain anaesthetic agents.
2] Premedication regimens may include a vagolytic to reduce vagal-induced bradycardia, a narcotic/sedative agent that attenuates increases in systemic blood pressure, and a muscle relaxant that attenuates increases in intracranial pressure.
Previous studies have shown an unacceptable incidence of bradycardia associated with the use of remifentanil in the absence of a vagolytic drug (31).
As regards changes in cardiac rhythm, we must mention the occurrence of sinus tachycardia - a frequent rhythm during anesthesia, not necessarily related to the superficial plane of anesthesia but may be compensatory to severe hypotension, or result from the use of vagolytic drugs or catecholamine (NUNES, 2002).
Disopyramide is a class I anti-arrhythmic agent that has additional effects of negative inotropy and a vagolytic effect.
Disopyramide administration is limited by vagolytic side-effects including dry mouth, exacerbation of prostatism and it should not be initiated in patients with narrow-angle glaucoma, prostatism or impaired LV systolic function (3,47).