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1. Characterized by an abnormal outward turning of a bone, especially of the hip, knee, or foot.
2. Knock-kneed.
A valgus bone.

[Latin, bowlegged.]

val′goid′ (-goid′) adj.


(Pathology) pathol denoting a deformity in which the distal part of a limb is displaced or twisted away from the midline of the body. See hallux valgus
[C19: from Latin: knock-kneed]


(ˈvæl gəs)

n., pl. -gus•es,
adj. n.
1. an abnormally turned position of a part of the bone structure of a human being, esp. of the leg.
2. bowlegged or knock-kneed.
[1790–1800; < Latin]


1. an abnormally turned condition of a bone in part of the human body, especially the leg.
2. the condition of being bow-legged.
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1. an abnormally turned condition of a bone in part of the human body, especially the leg.
2. the condition of being bowlegged.
See also: Bones
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Noun1.valgus - a deformity in which there is an abnormal displacement of part of a limb away from the midline of the body
deformity, malformation, misshapenness - an affliction in which some part of the body is misshapen or malformed
varus - a deformity in which part of a limb is turned inward to an abnormal degree


adj valgo, desviado hacia afuera (refiriéndose a una extremidad o parte de ella en relación con el eje del cuerpo)
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Hallux valgus is the most common forefoot deformity, with an estimated prevalence of 23% in adults and 35% in those over age 65.
Contract awarded for Muan valgus shepherds rural village sewer instrumentation and control and electrical construction
Female Soldiers demonstrated significantly greater hip flexion at initial contact and greater knee valgus at initial contact during both the stop jump and drop landing tasks.
An unloader brace applies valgus stress to the knee and may be beneficial for someone with medial compartment arthritis.
Medial elbow pain caused by excessive valgus forces and high pitching velocities can occur in overhead throwing athletes of all ages.
Moreover, ACL is a secondary limiter for the varus and valgus within every phases of flexion that forms the center line of the knee.
Also called hallux valgus, bunions are progressive deformities of the big-toe joint.
At this point, she had a normal knee exam with no effusion, negative Lachman test, negative anterior and posterior drawer tests, and she was stable to varus and valgus stresses.
Both of Leah's feet are affected by a condition known as hallux valgus, which causes her toes to be misshapen, can cause pain and affects the type of shoes she can wear.
Risk factors, such as limited joint mobility, hallux valgus, hammer toes, and prominent metatarsal heads, should be assessed regularly for prevention of ulcers in at-risk patients (1).
It can aggravate existing knee and ankle valgus and is treated similarly.
A significant decrease in knee valgus during landing was observed.