valley girl

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Valley girl

(Sociology) slang an affluent young Californian woman, typically considered as being excessively concerned with physical appearance and social status
[C20: after the San Fernando Valley in southern California ]
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Noun1.valley girl - a girl who grew up in the tract housing in the San Fernando Valley
fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman - a young woman; "a young lady of 18"
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When I think of the positive connotations the phrase Valley Girl had for me before it was warped by MTV, another F-word comes to mind - "fit".
Aleta acts with stoic disbelief, while her friends provide a Valley Girl chorus of "eeew"; and Reese emotes, screaming that "this wasn't supposed to happen.
The highly-excitable blonde, who plays Megan in the current BBC Six Nations promos, was wearing a puppet over her body, and will flash its Valley Girl top.
According to one website Glenys can mean valley girl, holy or fair while Y-Felin, meaning the mill, has been chosen to represent where the Matthews family come from.
We also encounter a valley girl trapped in an inanimate object, a human being used by a higher power as its familiar, and a host of other characters and situations.
In addition, part of the funds raised will help fund a college scholarship to be awarded to a Coachella Valley Girl Scouts exemplifying the characteristics and accomplishments of Florence Keck, a lifetime Coachella Valley Girl Scout and champion for the Girl Scout movement.
COPPING IT: Valley Girl has been unfairly criticised by the former Chief Constable of South Wales Barbara Wilding
But even if "The Galleria" of 1983 is long gone -- and the Valley Girl is now a Valley woman with children of her own -- the movie cast a spotlight on the Val's dialect, her style and suburban innocence, met with a mixture of humor and disdain, yet copied later by youth nationwide.
Rechanneling both trends, Michele O'Marah's feature-length video Valley Girl captures and intensifies the heart and soul of Martha Coolidge's original 1983 crossover hit that launched Nicholas Cage, starred Deborah Foreman, and gave the always fascinating Elizabeth Dailey a nice turn as the sad, slightly slutty Loryn.
The plot follows the plights of five Oscar-vying drama queens: a cooked-up Valley girl, a closeted lesbian, a frigid Brit, a former adult-film star, and a legendary recording artist.
Is the rowdy, promiscuous, drink-the-blokes-under-the-table image of the Valley Girl just a tired stereotype, or is it near the truth?
1171 of the Freedom Valley Girl Scout Council to package baby items for distribution to needy mothers and their children in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties.

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