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tr.v. val·or·ized, val·or·iz·ing, val·or·iz·es
1. To establish and maintain the price of (a commodity) by governmental action.
2. To give or assign a value to, especially a higher value: "The prophets valorized history" (Mircea Eliade).

[Portuguese valorizar, from valor, value, from Late Latin; see valor.]

val′or·i·za′tion (-ər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


n. valorización, evaluación.
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Pedro Siza Vieira also stressed that "the valorization of endogenous resources and cultural heritage must be seen as decisive factors in the development of the interior territories".
626 million to finance the project for the valorization of irrigat perimeters and the development of agricultural value chains in Tunisia.
Editor Roberto Rinaldi presents students, academics, researchers, and professionals working in a wide variety of contexts with a collection of academic papers and scholarly articles focused on contemporary research into the theory and application of catalytic hydrogenation for biomass valorization.
The main response to this process is the emergence of a localized agriculture and rurality that entails the rise of a vast number of varied types of production, valorization and market innovations.
Knowledge commercialization and valorization in regional economic development.
Summary: Eni has been awarded the Kerzak exploration license, in southwest Algeria, following an international bid round launched by the Algerian National Agency for the Valorization of Hydrocarbon Resources (ALNAFT).
Sinclair, a social worker who consults in palliative care and disability sectors in Melbourne, Australia, uses social role valorization theory (and is the first to do so) to discuss how palliative care should be deinstitutionalized.
BRAZIL -- A recent study by the Sao Paulo Financial journal, Gazeta Mercantil, reported that the recent valorization in world coffee prices has stimulated an increase in new plantings in Brazil especially in areas favorable to Arabica production.
Alvis is surely no less to be indicted for visiting his own valorization of the "virtue and decency" of Roman republicanism on Cymbeline and finding Shakespeare coming up short.
Similarly, when she discusses "protest" or "proletariat" elements of Fauset's works (it is never clear why these two terms are conflated), she states that Plum Bun "exemplifies the proletarian strain through the valorization of the folk as the center of black art as well as Angela's admission of her black heritage to protest discrimination against Miss Powell.
For the critic or historian, all interpretations are ipso facto judgments as well, since they always entail a valorization of one artist at the expense of another.
Safe Valorization of Deinking Residues as an Alternative to Compacted Soils in Cover Systems, Claude Audet, Cascades Inc.