value judgement

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Noun1.value judgement - an assessment that reveals more about the values of the person making the assessment than about the reality of what is assessed
judgment, assessment, judgement - the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event; "they criticized my judgment of the contestants"
moralism - judgments about another person's morality; "he could not stand her hectoring moralism"
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cents, leaving fair value judgement up to the markets.
Criminal ideaECHOlettersAugust 26), Sir Ian did not make any value judgement.
PUNTERS considering taking the 4-1 with Hills that VAT doesn't change in today's budget are probably letting wishful thinking get in the way of making a decent value judgement, as it looks nailed-on that George Osborne announces a rise, writes Michael Brear.
And that they are profiting more from the taxpayers than she was allowed to, is an interesting value judgement.
The authors believe that their physiological definition is superior to the qualitative and quantitative definition in that it avoids a value judgement.
HPCSA registrar Boyce Mkhize said the council used the National Health Reference Price List as a norm 'because this is the rate at which medical aids reimburse their patients', and this was not 'a value judgement on its adequacy'.
No moral or value judgement about any organisation that may need to be recorded has been made, the report said
It seems symptomatic of something (I won't speculate what) that conservation biologists are using the term "evolutionary significant unit," which implies a value judgement ("What's worth saving?
Putting it bluntly, it was based on a value judgement that the white race was superior to the black race.
A value judgement that sadly can't be applied to Solihull's old clunker.
As Wackernagel points out, the market itself is a value judgement, as it dismisses everything but financial transactions.
During the period of decision-making and value judgement, the recognition of fouls becomes a vital concern.