valvulae conniventes

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valvulae con·ni·ven·tes

n., pl. válvulas conniventes, pliegues circulares membranosos localizados en el intestino delgado que retardan el paso del contenido alimenticio en el intestino.
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However, a small amount of gas in the loop, as in the case reported, can reveal distended valvulae conniventes.
Ultrasound has been used to detect the large fluid-filled C-loop between the SMA and aorta, with the presence of valvulae conniventes helpful in distinguishing these loops from acute pancreatic fluid collections, as pancreatitis often enters the differential diagnosis because of the pain and elevated amylase.
The observed rows of gas bubbles represent gas trapped between the valvulae conniventes of the nondependent wall of small bowel.