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Sir Thomas Percy met with little better success, for his shield was split, his vambrace torn and he himself wounded slightly in the side.
Dyma'r ymarferiad mwyaf o'i fath ar dir ac yn yr awyr ym Mhrydain ers 2003 dan yr enw 'Exercise Vambrace Warrior'.
Short of trying to sneak chain mail and a mediaeval vambrace on to the pitch, there is little else he can do.
Here are six rooms hung with 132 exhibits, with an excess of speciously relevant background: obscure scraps of armour (sabatons, poleyns and a vambrace with reinforcing couter); grim hunting knives such as St Eustace might have used outside the picture; a sword perhaps slightly like the sword in St George's sheath; a tapestry Pisanello never saw, and other antique fillgaps; and there is not a single place for visitors to sit.