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v. -moosed, -moos•ing. Slang. v.i.
1. to leave hurriedly; decamp.
2. to leave hurriedly from; decamp from.
[1830–40; < Sp vamos let us go, imperative 1st pers. pl. of ir to go]
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Gay Kelleway, trainer of Vamose ``He's well handicapped and he's just been very weak and has taken a long time to come to himself.
Lisa Jones rode a perfect race from the front on Vamose in the nine- furlong maiden, dictating a steady pace on the 16-1 shot and winding it up off the home turn to see off hot favourite Tromp with a bit to spare.
Gay Kelleway reckoning that she still gets no respect after Vamose, winner of the nine-furlong maiden, was allowed to go off at 16-1