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vamp 1

1. The upper part of a boot or shoe covering the instep and sometimes extending over the toe.
a. Something patched up or refurbished.
b. Something rehashed, as a book based on old material.
3. Music One or more bars of music repeated indefinitely as an accompaniment.
v. vamped, vamp·ing, vamps
1. To provide (a shoe) with a new vamp.
2. To patch up (something old); refurbish.
3. To put together; fabricate or improvise: With no hard news available about the summit meeting, the reporters vamped up questions based only on rumor.
4. Music
a. To play (a vamp).
b. To improvise (a melody) over a vamp.
v.intr. Music
1. To play a vamp.
2. To improvise over a vamp.

[Middle English vampe, sock, from Old French avanpie : avaunt, before; see vanguard + pie, foot (from Latin pēs; see ped- in Indo-European roots).]

vamp′er n.

vamp 2

 (vămp) Informal
A woman who aggressively seduces men, sometimes to exploit or manipulate them.
v. vamped, vamp·ing, vamps
To seduce or exploit (someone) in the manner of a vamp.
To behave like a vamp.

[Short for vampire.]

vamp′ish adj.
vamp′ish·ly adv.
vamp′y adj.


adj, -pier or -piest
like a vamp; vampish
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But her kidnappers are in for more than their fair share of surprise as the sometimes vampy, sometimes sweet publishing tycoon played beautifully by Kriti Vij) manipulates her inept kidnappers.
Pucker up in true vampy style with a special collection from 'Violent Lips'.
The girly girls can get 'gothic glam'; with midnight blue sequin detailed dresses, lace biker jackets and vampy lace up boots to choose from.
Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are the usual suspects in this dark, vampy comedy.
The Chinese actress got all vampy at a Louis Vuitton event in Shanghai decked out in, well, Louis Vuitton.
With a wide range of dramatic shades including moody plums, grunge greens and vampy red, there are a variety of edgy looks for Fall 2011.
The Queen of Hearts, for example, has slimmed down considerably and donned a vampy red dress in the Gorham version; she is also trying to balance a plate of tarts in each hand.
His palette of muted tangerine, salmon and nectarine hues was unique, and a welcome change for the more vampy shades Saab normally favors, though how flattering it would actually look against the skin was up for debate.
Smoky eyes and crimson lips are classic, but vampy vixen just looks wrong this time of year.
The ladies of Moonlighting, Knots Landing and the Bold and the Beautiful were glamour incarnate, flattered in silky fabrics, vampy leather and mannish jackets with plunging necklines.
Sean's teenage son, Matt (John Hensley), has been involved with a lesbian as well as an older transsexual woman (a vampy Famke Janssen).
The ladies are the scene-stealers in this one, from Piccininni's guilt-ridden Liz to the vampy, booze-soaked antics of Barzee, essentially doing a Kate Hepburn send up.