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Adj.1.vaned - (of an arrow) equipped with feathers
feathered - having or covered with feathers; "our feathered friends"
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Temporal behaviour of a corner separation in a radial vaned diffuser of a centrifugal compressor operating near surge, Journal of Thermal Science 22(6): 555-564.
This reduces drag losses because both vaned wheels that provide braking power when rotating in oil are disengaged.
If I am hunting in a downpour, I don't worry about my feathers and I nock my vaned arrow.
Velocities of the ambient air were measured using a vaned anemometer capable of measuring to the nearest hundredth of a metre per second (Vaned Anemometer, Airflow Developments: Model LCA30-VT).
Raising gas-dynamic stability margin of axial and centrifugal compressor stages by means of vaned diffuser boundary layer control, Aviation 15(3): 76-81.
Later in evolution, more complex vaned or pinnate feathers evolved for display," said Dr Jakob Vinther, from the University of Bristol's Schools of Biological and Earth Sciences.
He rotated the vaned device the size of a teacup in his fingers.
2] Ali Pinarbasi, "Experimental hot-wire measurements in a centrifugal compressor with vaned diffuser,".
Sensing how popular this instant data might be for riders, a wave of Massachusetts Web entrepreneurs--some hoping for eventual profit, some just to show their prowess--are grabbing the raw data feed and processing it to vaned userfriendly forms for websites, iPhone apps, desktop widgets, even signs near bus stops.
Comparative study of unsteady flows in a transonic centrifugal compressor with vaneless and vaned diffusers a was observed by Curi Michael (2005)[9].
This club has about 100 members who are interested in learning about the Zurich area, meeting people of vaned cultures and attending interesting and fun activities.