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Adj.1.vaned - (of an arrow) equipped with feathers
feathered - having or covered with feathers; "our feathered friends"
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was the square aluminum Maytag with its revolutionary vaned agitator and powered wringer.
Tenders are invited for procurment of coal burner nozzle tips and vaned diffuser
Temporal behaviour of a corner separation in a radial vaned diffuser of a centrifugal compressor operating near surge, Journal of Thermal Science 22(6): 555-564.
2, for turbomachinery design, can be used for conceptual design of radial and mixed-flow centrifugal pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, and turbines, as well as for vaned and unvaned diffusers, return channels, and volutes.
In the wake of the sale, Supervalu was reorganized into three business units: a wholesale segment vaned Independent Business serving nearly 2,000 grocery stores; Save-A-Lot, a discount grocery chain with more than 1,300 stores; and five regional supermarket chains, Cub, Farm Fresh, Shoppers, Shop 'n Save and Ilornbacher's.
If I am hunting in a downpour, I don't worry about my feathers and I nock my vaned arrow.
Velocities of the ambient air were measured using a vaned anemometer capable of measuring to the nearest hundredth of a metre per second (Vaned Anemometer, Airflow Developments: Model LCA30-VT).
Raising gas-dynamic stability margin of axial and centrifugal compressor stages by means of vaned diffuser boundary layer control, Aviation 15(3): 76-81.
Later in evolution, more complex vaned or pinnate feathers evolved for display," said Dr Jakob Vinther, from the University of Bristol's Schools of Biological and Earth Sciences.
This does not mean we don't celebrate Black women any other time or all the time in the vaned ways we do.
He rotated the vaned device the size of a teacup in his fingers.
2] Ali Pinarbasi, "Experimental hot-wire measurements in a centrifugal compressor with vaned diffuser,".