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New software that has been announced or marketed but has not been produced.


(ˈveɪ pərˌwɛər)

a product, esp. computer software, that is announced and promoted while it is still in development and that may never come to market.


Software that has been promoted for a long period but never becomes available for use.
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Fingerprint recognition technology for "smart guns" is still vaporware.
And vaporware is still as common as real software; beware the "feature in the next release" if it is a feature you need right now.
It contained a good deal of copy about what's right and what's vaporware about the new XYZ system and promised the next issue would have an extensive user report on the new product.
See Associated Press, SDMI: Quintessential Vaporware, WIRED NEWS (Apr.
Too much vaporware in this business and too many interface engines.
The primary problem was the cumbersome laptop, and enterprise handheld computing was still vaporware at the time.
Newer variations are behind today's headlines, including pitching B2B exchanges and global fiber optic networks that are nothing but vaporware, risking employees' retirement funds in schemes to help earnings per share this quarter, or creating convoluted special-purpose entities to dazzle fund managers.
Many CRM vendors were slinging their solutions to customers that were simply not ready for them, and the result gave CRM solutions the mistaken reputation as vaporware.
Today, most industries sport their own versions of vaporware, if not in form, then certainly in substance.
Reporters are looking for solid news from companies with real products, proven business strategies, and customer success stories, startups that tout vaporware and CEOs still in grade school can't expect to get the coverage they once did.