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 (vâr′ĭ-kŭl′ərd, văr′-)
Having a variety of colors; variegated.


(ˈvɛər ɪˌkʌl ərd)

having various colors.
[1655–65; < Latin vari(us) various + colored]
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Adj.1.varicolored - having a variety of colorsvaricolored - having a variety of colors    
varied - characterized by variety; "immigrants' varied ethnic and religious traditions"; "his work is interesting and varied"
2.varicolored - having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightlyvaricolored - having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly; "a jester dressed in motley"; "the painted desert"; "a particolored dress"; "a piebald horse"; "pied daisies"
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"


References in classic literature ?
With a perfectly breath-taking suddenness several mast sheaves of varicolored rockets were vomited skyward out of the black throats of the Castle towers, accompanied by a thundering crash of sound, and instantly every detail of the prodigious ruin stood revealed against the mountainside and glowing with an almost intolerable splendor of fire and color.
And the doors are arched with the peculiar arch we see in Moorish pictures; the floors are laid in varicolored diamond flags; in tesselated, many-colored porcelain squares wrought in the furnaces of Fez; in red tiles and broad bricks that time cannot wear; there is no furniture in the rooms (of Jewish dwellings) save divans--what there is in Moorish ones no man may know; within their sacred walls no Christian dog can enter.
The water in the lake pulsed with a soft, barely perceptible, varicolored light.
I'd forgotten the bleak whimsy of the dulled electric green and purple enamel coating some of the "flesh," the rancid psychedelia and butterfly wings of the artist's self-portrait/death mask, the varicolored hand sporting a big round ring, extruding from a plinth the hand's sickly colors have slithered over; forgotten the chairs and potty-holed boxes with their hilariously "sadomasochistic" leather straps, designed to imprison the head; forgotten the hovering assemblages redolent of impacted debris, the stuffed buzzards and ravens hanging like dead sentinels from the ceiling.
Smaller stars, like our sun, end their lives by going gently into that good night when they run out of nuclear fuel and puff off their outer layers into space, leaving only a dense core, a stellar corpse termed a white dwarf star, surrounded by a beautiful planetary nebula composed of varicolored shimmering gas expelled from the dying star's outer layers.