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Of, indicating, or characterizing a variety, especially a biological variety.
A wine made principally from one variety of grape and carrying the name of that grape.

[From variety.]

va·ri′e·tal·ly adv.


(Biology) of, relating to, characteristic of, designating, or forming a variety, esp a biological variety
(Brewing) a wine labelled with the name of the grape from which it is pressed
vaˈrietally adv


(vəˈraɪ ɪ tl)

1. of or pertaining to a variety.
2. constituting a variety.
3. of or designating a wine made chiefly from one variety of grape.
4. a varietal wine.
va•ri′e•tal•ly, adv.
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Noun1.varietal - a wine made principally from one grape and carrying the name of that grape
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)
generic, generic wine - a wine that is a blend of several varieties of grapes with no one grape predominating; a wine that does not carry the name of any specific grape
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Sauvignon Blanc Is now the third most popular white wine varietal in the multiple-outlet and convenience stores that market-research firm IRI tracks, outselling even Merlot among red varieties.
The average value of rice varietal diversity index for small, medium and large farmers was estimated to be 0.
The sensory trials are small pieces of the puzzle, said Sheridan, noting that cup quality, although critical, is not the only factor to consider when determining which varietal to grow.
Fastest Growing Wine Varietal On-Premise, 2012-2013 2012 2013 Rank Varietal Share Varietal Share 1 Chardonnay 19.
A robust and concentrated wine made of Tinta de Toro, a native varietal of the region.
The Central Coast is known not only for the great diversity of grape types that grow well there, but as a region that has also been successful in producing single varietal wines as well as blends.
14 August 2012 - ArborGen, a US developer of biotechnology tree seedling products and provider of lob-lolly pine seedlings, said today it had bought the varietal business of Canadian forest biotechnology company CellFor Inc.
Bellingham Wines from South Africa has introduced its latest varietal releases along with new stylish packaging created to honor Bellingham Farm, the winery in Franschloek Valley, where the wines are produced.
A Valentine's Day large box (32 pieces; 14 ounces; $75) contains a varied assortment of fabulous chocolates, among them fleur de sel caramel, cassis strata, Ecuador varietal, Colombian varietal, burnt caramel, lavender vanilla, Kona coffee, sesame nougat, chocolate-covered candied orange peel, jasmine tea and Piedmont hazelnut.
Kopache comes from Kendall-Jackson (K-J), where most recently he served as a Bordeaux varietal specialist at K-J's Vinwood Cellars.
a leading supplier of elite varietal pine tree seedlings to foresters in the United States and South America.
Merlot tumbled 5%--the only major varietal to see sales slip in the latest 52 weeks.