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Noun1.variorum edition - an edition containing various versions of a text or notes by various scholars or editorsvariorum edition - an edition containing various versions of a text or notes by various scholars or editors
edition - the form in which a text (especially a printed book) is published
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Furthermore, digital endeavors like John Rink's Online Chopin Variorum Edition (http://www.
King says that, since this is not a variorum edition of Lewis's poetry, he does not give differences between the drafts of the same poem (4-5); but he states, in a different paragraph, that he does give "minor variations between Lewis's holograph version and the published version" of "certain narrative poems" (5).
Already in Horace Howard Furness's nineteenth-century Variorum Edition of As You Like It we find three large pages of small type attempting to explicate the phrase, and Richard Knowles's more recent Variorum Edition is shorter but similarly detailed.
Following four pages of general introduction, Hudspeth reviews each of the ten volumes in self-contained essays that average five or six pages, with the exception of Volume IV, Representative Men, which receives ten pages; volumes VIII and IX, Letters and Social Aims and Poems: A Variorum Edition respectively, which receive about nine pages each, and Volume 10, Uncollected Prose Writings, which receives 19 pages of review because of the complexity of the editorial problems involved.
A Variorum edition of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer; v.
Matthias Shaaber in the New Variorum edition of the play surveys the dates suggested by earlier commentators and summarizes the position this way: "The date of this play is usually fixed with reference to that of 1 Henry IV, most commentators agreeing that the one followed the other after a short interval.
In the course of dismissing Helen Gardner's attempt to restore the 1633 sequence of twelve Holy Sonnets, Targoff invokes the recent Variorum edition and remarks, "the Variorum in fact eschews any ordering of the poems, organizing them simply in the alphabetical order of their first lines" (109).
Rolland Hein, the editor of Lilith: A Variorum Edition, offers a convincing and meticulous exploration of MacDonald's reliance on the structure of Dante's Divine Comedy.
Volume 7, Part 1 of The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne.
So far as Yeats's plays are concerned it is non-canonical and was included in the Variorum edition in 1966, alongside Where There Is Nothing (1902-3), over which Yeats briefly considered Moore again as collaborator (see Katharine Worth's edition (1987)), in Alspach's final section betokening marginality and entitled 'Plays Not Included in the Main Text'.
You can also find "Silence is all" in the three volume 1998 variorum edition (edited by R.
The first variorum edition (as Johnson's Shakespeare edition of 1765 is often called) generated a number of variorum editions combining the contribution of previous editors and commentators.