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[Bislama, either from Fijian vatu, stone, or from a kindred word in a Malayo-Polynesian language of Vanuatu (perhaps chosen as the name for the currency because of its phonetic similarity to Vanuatu), from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *batu, stone, from Proto-Austronesian; akin to Tsou (Austronesian language of Taiwain) fatu.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Vanuatu


(ˈvɑ tu)

n., pl. -tus.
the basic monetary unit of Vanuatu.
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From an incorrigible heathen, with a heart as black as his practices, Ra Vatu was beginning to emanate light.
The Buli of Gatoka, seated on his best mat, surrounded by his chief men, three busy fly-brushers at his back, deigned to receive from the hand of his herald the whale tooth presented by Ra Vatu and carried into the mountains by his cousin, Erirola.
It is the whale tooth of Ra Vatu," he whispered to Starhurst.
Ra Vatu has arranged that we should be well received.
Ra Vatu is soon to become Lotu," Starhurst explained, "and I have come bringing the Lotu to you.
Loaloa Point is on the coast, as are Vatutabataba, Rukunawai and the boulder in Rukuruku Bay; and Vatu vola and Menawai are in swamps.
Income generation had three key objectives: notably paying school fees (which are roughly Vatu 40,000 per year, plus transport costs, for high school, and Vatu 9000 for primary school).
Vatu vehemently criticized when she directly addressed her employer: "So if, I mean I'll just say to the employers out there, if they could just change that kind of attitude that the person who is coming here is suffering or the person who is coming here, she has to be a slave because we are paying her.
Even the world's most expensive island - Vatu Vara in Fiji - would only set you back pounds 39.
In 1996, the bride-price was 50,000 vatu (about 500 dollars).
accrued back rent of some 80,000 vatu (around $AU900).