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 (vôd-vĭl′yən, vōd-, vô′də-)
One, especially a performer, who works in vaudeville.

vaude·vil′lian adj.




(Theatre) a person who writes for or performs in vaudeville
(Theatre) of, characteristic of, or relating to vaudeville
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Noun1.vaudevillian - a performer who works in vaudeville
performer, performing artist - an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience
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Originally used for vaudevillian shows in its 1925 debut, it evolved into a platform for East Indian movies.
Not only did John Osborne's portrait of clapped-out vaudevillian Archie Rice encapsulate the England of its time, a symbol of a diminished nation, it occasioned a momentous performance from Laurence Oliver.
Then a trip to Greenwich Village and an appearance at Jefferson Market Court (now Jefferson Market Library) — — along with an overnight stay at Jefferson Jail — — changed her life, making the controversial vaudevillian an overnight sensation.
As he capitalizes on his talents as a vaudevillian in New York and dabbles in its seemingly lucrative payouts, it becomes apparent to Shanley that another world lurks under the one he lives in, one in which events like prohibition fuel crime and where it becomes increasingly easy to fall into a criminal lifestyle.
He will, most likely, not be our next commander in chief; but he is, perhaps, our last great Vaudevillian.
She made her national television debut on "Showville'' May 2013 on AMC and was described by the network as "a vaudevillian bombshell who pulls props from her bra while working a hula hoop.
Metro Detroit senior citizens sang, danced and performed with vaudevillian flair in the 2014 Macomb Senior Follies, celebrating songs from Tony Award-winning musicals at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts.
was taken over by the premier Vaudevillian actors of the day.
It all may sound a little surreal but the Vaudevillian, burlesque-style really worked.
Amongst those from Northern Ireland the dark vaudevillian talents of Duke Special, lo-fi noise-niks Girls Names plus Morning Claws and SertOne.
She soon was recruited by traveling vaudevillian Andy Mayo and took his surname as her own before she eventually signed a movie studio contract and went on to work as a dramatic actress and comedienne in 45 films and a number of TV shows.
German company Fatalia - aka Stefan and Barbel Voigt - were first on the scene with their modern take on a vaudevillian freakshow-cum-cabinet of curiosities.