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Noun1.veau - meat from a calfveau - meat from a calf      
calf - young of domestic cattle
meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
cut of veal - cut of meat from a calf
calves' feet - feet of calves used as food; usually jellied
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Mynheer Calf, too, becomes Monsieur de Veau in the like manner; he is Saxon when he requires tendance, and takes a Norman name when he becomes matter of enjoyment.
With a wide range of international cuisines, Gourmet Lunch Buffet provides guests a voyage of gastronomic indulgence with a variety of freshly prepared, delicious and delectable dishes including exquisite nigiri, a delightful array of hot dishes such as Blanquette de Veau Braised Veal in Cream Sauce; Vegetable Tempura; Dim Sum and Steamed Thai-Style Lemon and Chilli Sea Bass as well as other hearty selections to satisfy all your cravings.
OYONNAX: Tian, Muller, Lasmarrigues, Veau, Giresse, Ruiz, Hall Vartan, Elliot, Mirtskhulava, Kerry, Njewel, Barba, Taieb Faasavalu.
Cette mefiance de la consommation des viandes rouges s'est installee apres les saisies annoncees par la brigade centrale de controle sanitaire et economique de viande d'ane presentee au sein de restaurants comme de la viande de veau.
4) Dishes with disorienting names such as Riz de Veau a' la Palestine removed food even further from its source and served as a barrier to those unable to decipher or pronounce it.
Projet d'elevage bovin Beaucoup d'Algeriens ont tendance ces dernieres annees a sacrifier un veau a la place du mouton, histoire d'allier le rapport qualite/prix tout en economisant de l'argent.
Steak hach ,escalope veau ,paupiette environ 20 000 kg.
Uranorrafia: se realiza a los 3 anos de edad y consiste en el cierre de paladar duro por la tecnica quirurgica de Veau.
Pineda, Samantha Sanchez, Clark Yeong, Jeremiah Tan, Daphne Kate Yang, JL Maturan, and Ed Lester Akiun were served Smoked Salmon Roll Carpaccio, Filet de Veau Grille aux Doux Sauce et Chiffonade de carottes, and Baked Alaska.
510, 531 (2003) (mandatory immigration detention); De Veau v.
We chose the bouillabaisse, but given how it turned out we will be coming back for the blanquette de veau (yes, when was the last time you saw that on a menu?
The Joue de Veau Braisee (Braised slow-cooked veal cheek) is so tender the meat practically melts in the mouth.