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However, it has been unclear whether this speedy action induced by vection is based on the modulation of mental tempo.
The limited stimulus size is usually insufficient to generate vection.
With vection, reduced visibility keeps a pilot focused on local motion cues and obscures the bigger picture of impending danger.
This heated air is then immediately replaced with cooler air either through natural con- vection or through air currents.
The expression of power in the different fiber sections may be easily deduced by implementing the field components (as obtained in Section 2) and the Poynting vection [32].
The illusion is called vection, where the movement of something else, even an image, makes you feel like you are moving.
Ginger also prolonged latency before nausea onset and shortened recovery time after vection cessation.
This phenomenon is often referred to as vection (Sauvan & Bonnet, 1995; Telford & Frost, 1993) and constitutes one of three more narrowly defined topics within visually induced self-motion.
Vection illusion is the sensation of self-motion induced by relative movement of viewed objects.
Called the Vection Novice Driver Trainer (NDT), this makes use of a Quantum3D visual computing system and features a 50 [degrees] field of view, mirror insets, force feedback controls and full instrumentation.
The simulator environments were created and coordinated with DriveSafety's HyperDrive Authoring Suite[TM] and Vection Simulation Software[TM] Version 1.